3H Food Safe Lubricants - Do you use them or are you considering using them?

Only use products claiming 3H registration after the company supplying the product provides proper proof of registration. This proof can only be a registration certificate from INS services or a registration letter from the NSF.

 Make sure the company name and product details on the registration letter match the company and the product they offer exactly. Registrations issued to other companies and/or naming other products cannot be used.

Verbal assurances and unsupported written claims are worth nothing, the only way you can be sure you are using a fully registered product is to see the registration document for that product which names the provider and their product details.

The only internationally recognised independent authorities for testing and accreditation of lubricants for use in food production premises are INS Services and the NSF non food programmes. You can view the complete list of products that are registered on the INS and NSF websites.

 To ensure compliance during any audit each individual product must carry it's own registration number. Simply using a product which states Food Safe on the label is no guarantee, as many unscrupulous companies make misleading and/or false claims while having none or only a few of their products registered. We strongly advise that users make sure every product is fully registered, has the appropriate registration documents and currently appears listed correctly on either the INS or NSF websites.

 • All INS registered products are listed at www.insservices.eu

• All NSF registered products are listed at www.nsf.org 

• INS & NSF programs are a continuation of the USDA H1, 3H program.

 • Only FDA listed ingredients are used in the appropriate proportions.

If you have any queries regarding the registration of food lubricants or to obtain the contact details of a supplier of 3H registered lubricants please contact;


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